Full Accreditation, for 6 years, by A3ES (Portuguese Accreditation Agency), 08-02-2017.
The course is taught in exclusively Portuguese.

Admission Exams: Biology and Geology
Pre-requisites: Group A (PDF)

At the end of the course, graduates can practice as Physiotherapists in hospital units; occupational health units; continuing care units; rehabilitation centers; health centers; homes and residences for the elderly; private institutions of social solidarity; education and special education institutions; sports clubs; thermal baths; education and research centers; clinics or private offices, home support entities or services.

Why choose Physiotherapy at ESS-FP?

Our teachers keep close and supportive throughout your course.

Highly qualified, differentiated and experienced faculty, nationally and internationally recognized.

Pedagogical clinic equipped with the most advanced technologies and equipment allowing students to learn in the context of real practice and a gradual adaptation to the future professional life.

Traineeship at the UFP’s Hospital providing an unparalleled quantitative and qualitative clinical experience, preparing students for a better inclusion in the job market.

Your support team

Educational success is achieved through teamwork. During your application process, and whenever you need it, you will have the support and advice of a team of professionals.


In addition to being academically qualified, our teaching staff is known to be very open and available to clarify your questions.

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team, created with UFP collaborators who are mostly alumni of the university, aims to facilitate the integration of the new students.


In-person (during office hours) or a click away, our staff is professional and willing to help.

Study plan

1st Cycle – Licenciatura (BSc)* · Duration: 8 Semesters · 240 ECTS
According to Dispatch n.º 7090/2019, DR 2nd series no. 151, of 8 August 2019.

* Successful completion of all curricular units and the approval at 240 ECTS confers a Licenciado (BSc) degree.
SCHOOL OF HEALTH (polytechnic education)

Program coordinator

Fátima Santos, PhD

Send the form if you wish to be contacted:

Dates and costs

Academic Year 2022/23

Includes student insurance, free access to the Internet and to UFP’s Intranet system
Paid in full when registering
1st Instalment paid when registering. Remaining 9 instalments paid until the 10th day of the following months (October to June)
Internships carried out outside the Pedagogical Clinics and Teaching Hospital. Use and Wear of Dental Clinic Instruments
1st Year
150 €450 €5500 €10 x 605 € = 6050 €
2nd Year
–––450 €4980 €10 x 550 € = 5500 €3 € per day of external internship
3rd Year
–––450 €4850 €10 x 530 € = 5300 €3 € per day of external internship
4th Year
–––450 €4850 €10 x 530 € = 5300 €3 € per day of external internship
External Student (ECTS)
150 €450 €120 € x Nº ECTS125 € x Nº ECTS
1.Forms of payment, infractions and discounts are duly identified in the General Rules Regarding the Payment of School Fees at ESS-FP
2.Request of creditation of studies taken at other institutions or of professional experience and competences110 €
2.1.Request for reanalysis of the creditation application55 €
2.2.The registration of creditations involves the payment of a fee, paid at a specific moment, that is identified in the rules referred above
3.Tuition fee per ECTS of part-time regime, isolated curricular units and extracurricular units identified in a specific document
4.Extraordinary fee for internships and clinical practice in external health units, when chosen by the student or due to lack of internal availability in the respective internship area will be set per course and school year
5.Portuguese course for foreigners (students enrolled in courses and isolated curricular units of FCS, ESS and master of Psychology)
5.1.Tuition fee paid in 1 instalment (paid in full when registering)/per school year1200 €
5.2.Tuition fee paid in 10 instalments (1st Instalment of 144 € paid when registering and the remaining 9 paid from October to June) )/per school year1440 €
6.Extraordinary exams60 €
7.Registration declaration in Portuguese6 €
8.Registration declaration in English or French15 €
9.Duplicate of student card15 €
10.Revision of exam60 €
11.Re-entry request60 €
12.Certificate of curricular units in Portuguese (amount per ECTS)0,70 €
13.Certificate of curricular units in English, French or Spanish (amount per ECTS)1 €
14.Curricular units programmes (amount per curricular unit)6 €
15.Degree certificate simultaneously with the diploma and supplement to the diploma280 €
16.Diploma in Portuguese (includes the supplement to the diploma)130 €
17.Diploma in English, French or Spanish150 €
18.Duplicate of the supplement to the diploma70 €
19.Degree certificate205 €
20.Other certificates of degrees (not foreseen in the fees)130 €

Application info

Exchange program / study abroad

Higher School of Health Fernando Pessoa’s students (ESS-FP) who meet the eligibility criteria have the possibility of studying and/or doing internship periods in international mobility.

Study periods in international mobility of students are carried out in higher education institutions outside Portugal, with which ESS-FP maintains student exchange agreements under the Erasmus + Program (in the European area) or other existing bilateral exchange agreements.

Information about mobility/exchange programs is available through the International Relations Office (link).