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School of Health Fernando Pessoa
(Recognized of public interest by D-Law no. 45/2020 of 23 July)

The seniority of the School of Health, as an organic subunit of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University Fernando Pessoa, dates back to 2002.

After 18 years of integration, as a polytechnic teaching unit, benefiting from the sharing of material and human resources with the university, and integration that was ratified and consecrated by the UFP Statutes of 2009, duly adapted to RJIES – Legal Regime of Higher Education Institutions (Law No. 62/2007 of 10 September)- and, as such, registered by the supervising ministry, the institutional assessment of the university by the Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education, in 2017-18, forced the autonomization of that organic subunit as its own polytechnic higher education establishment, although with the same instituting entity, the Fernando Pessoa Foundation. This autonomization occurred in 2020, with the recognition of the public interest of the Fundação Fernando Pessoa School of Health (ESS-FP) by D-L nº 45/2020, on 23 July.

The first four courses of study (Clinical and Public Health Analysis, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Speech Therapy) followed the structure, then in force for the polytechnic education, of a 3-year bachelor’s degree plus 1 year of a specialized higher education course (CESE), which completed the so-called bi-stages degree, having been adapted, as first study cycles, to the new higher education organization, determined by the Bologna Declaration, of June 19th, 1999, adopted in the Portuguese legal system by D-Law nº 74/2006, of March 24th.

The current educational offer of the ESS-FP, besides these 4 first study cycles (Bachelor Degree), also includes two-second study cycles (Masters) in Specialized Laboratory Analysis (authorized in 2008) and in Physiotherapy (authorized in 2009) and 5 study cycles of 2 years duration (Professional Higher Technical Courses) in Gerontology and Community Intervention; Laboratory Analyses; Support for Children and Young People with Special Needs; Health Services Aide; Administrative Management in a Clinical Context.

ESS-FP has its modern teaching facilities to ensure the quality of teaching and learning, this is supported by specific teaching equipment in the various fields of training provided, that supported by a body of career teachers, doctoral degrees and professionally specialized in their teaching areas.

This teaching-learning environment allows a permanent transfer of knowledge from the teachers to the students, in theoretical and practical classes, and to the patients, who collaborate in the teaching of clinical practice, performed both in the ESS-FP Pedagogical Clinics (Physiotherapy Clinic, Speech Therapy Clinic, and Nursing Simulation Laboratories) and in the Teaching Hospital of Fernando Pessoa University, where most of the clinical internships take place.

ESS-FP also shares academic and teaching support services with UFP, guaranteed by the same institution, such as student and faculty secretaries, basic science laboratories, libraries and databases (b-on), international relations office, internships, and professional opportunities office, communication and image office, school social action office, distance learning platforms, gymnasium and swimming pool for educational and recreational use.

ESS-FP also participates in centers, groups, nuclei, and lines of scientific research, represented and coordinated by I3ID – Institute for Research, Innovation, and Development, as an autonomous organic unit, funded by the institution, the Fernando Pessoa Foundation.

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The Director of ESS-FP
Clarinda Festas, PhD