Clinical Analysis and Public Health


    This course is taught in exclusively Portuguese

Full Accreditation, for 6 years, by A3ES (Portuguese Accreditation Agency), 15-01-2016 (link)
The course is taught in exclusively Portuguese

Admission Exams: Biology and Geology
Pre-requisites: Group A (PDF)

People with the Bachelors degree (BSc) in Clinical Analysis and Public Health will be able to work as Clinical Analysis and Public Health technicians in public or private hospital units; private clinical analysis laboratories; university laboratories; public health laboratories; research institutes; private clinics.

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Our teachers keep close and supportive throughout your course.

Highly qualified, differentiated and experienced faculty, nationally and internationally recognized.

Traineeship at the FP’s Hospital providing an unparalleled quantitative and qualitative clinical experience, preparing students for a better inclusion in the job market.

Laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies and equipment allowing students to learn in the context of real practice and a gradual adaptation to the future professional life.

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Educational success is achieved through teamwork. During your application process, and whenever you need it, you will have the support and advice of a team of professionals.


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The Welcome Team, created with UFP collaborators who are mostly alumni of the university, aims to facilitate the integration of the new students.


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Study plan

1st Cycle – Licenciatura (BSc)* · Duration: 8 Semesters · 240 ECTS
According to Dispatch no. 4280/2017, DR 2nd series no. 96, of 18 May 2017.

Program coordinator

Céu Costa, Phd

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Applications and School Fees 
Academic Year 2022/23 

Exchange program / study abroad

Higher School of Health Fernando Pessoa’s students (ESS-FP) who meet the eligibility criteria have the possibility of studying and/or doing internship periods in international mobility.

Study periods in international mobility of students are carried out in higher education institutions outside Portugal, with which ESS-FP maintains student exchange agreements under the Erasmus + Program (in the European area) or other existing bilateral exchange agreements.

Information about mobility/exchange programs is available through the International Relations Office (link).